CO2SolStock - Biobased geological CO2 storage

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CO2SolStock Outreach Report released! Visit our Dissemination page

CO2solstock is an FP7 EU- financed funded R&D project launched in response to the common concern of Climate change.

The scientific teams involved in this project investigate on sustainable bio-inspired solutions for carbon sequestration as an alternative or complementary way to existing Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) techniques. Indeed, these subterranean storage techniques consisting of injecting high-pressure gaseous CO2 in deep geological layers are exposed to leakage risks and are very energy demanding.


The explored biological CO2 sequestration opportunity is the biomineralization of carbon by microorganisms, in particular the natural properties of some bacteria to combine calcium and CO2 to produce calcareous rocks. A technology involving this carbonatation process is considered sustainable and environmentally safe, as the CO2 is captured in a stable mineral structure. Moreover, the project includes the aspects of valorization of the produced calcium carbonate.

This new research project emerges from a biomimetic approach:

  • Large scrutiny frame: allows us to explore nature's ressources and possibilities it could provide in terms of carbon sequestration via biomineralisation
  • Communication and feedbacks within all teams: reassessment and adaptation along the process

By the end of the project (mars 2012) and after 3 years of European funding, the project will lead to the selection of 2 particular microbial systems enabling a significant carbon capture via carbonate precipitation, and to their development up to the pre-industrial pilot stage.

Download the project's brochure.

Find out more about the general themes of the project in  'Resources'